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Superman and Wonder Woman finally hook up


To the delight of comic book nerds everywhere, Superman and Wonder Woman finally hook up in the newest Justice League edition.

And yes, those are their Match.com profiles

I wouldn’t say to the delight of comic book nerds everywhere. Probably quite the opposite, if one was actually plugged into comic culture. But yea, this is happening. Me personally, I understand all the hate, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve always been a proponent of keeping Clark Kent single (or at least not tied to Lois).

This is coming from one Superman’s biggest fans (I have a Superman tattoo for goodness sake). Lois Lane always annoyed me for a lot of reasons as a character, and seemed to be an anchor (of the unpleasant kind) to writers. Plus, it’s like the sitcom rule, once you put the couple together, the chances of stagnation rise by a lot. Keeping him single opens up new opportunities and keeps things fresh.

I will say though, I think Wonder Woman is a little too on the nose as a choice, but I have a feeling it won’t last too long. Let him play the field, bro.

Cancelled Wonder Woman Pilot

Here is some action packed footage from the cancelled Wonder Woman pilot.

Look, do I gotta be the a$$#%*! to say this? If you put it on mute for the horrible, horrible dialogue. It’s not too bad. They clearly worked on the action/fight choreography pretty hard and it shows. 

They even switched all the way back to her good ol’ costume (daisy dukes and all) for the second scene. I’m not gonna lie, I was impressed overall. Enough to say, I would have bared through the hacky dialogue for a few episodes to give it a fair shake.

What do you guys think?

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