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Photoshop vs Sketch



Disclaimer: This is a Photoshop blog so even though I am trying to be as un-biased as possible, I can’t get away from my bias towards Photoshop.

I noticed a lot of my fellow designers starting to use Sketch, and frankly, I was puzzled. At least on the surface, Sketch seemed to be missing so many features that are crucial to my workflow. So, I decided to dig deeper and find out the pros and cons of each app, and whether my preference for Photoshop was still warranted. Could the pros of Sketch outweigh the cons?

Below is the complete Google Sheets feature comparison list I came up with. I also included a few features that are available on both. Those were features that some people may not realize are on Photoshop or Sketch since earlier versions of the apps didn’t include them.

I’ll try to update it as new features come in and correct it if I find I got anything wrong.

View Google Sheet: Photoshop vs Sketch

Note: The cells with the black top right corner have more information if you hover on them, and some cells contain links to blog posts that explain those features in more detail.


This Google Sheet is a long list with lots of little features. Features that alone would not be a reason to switch to or away from either app.  So I would like to focus on a few bigger differences that really matter to me as Graphic Designer.

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Like I always say, as long as you get the job done, and the workflow is easy for other designers to follow your work, who cares? I will say this though, I’ve personally yet to find a workflow outside of photoshop that would make me completely switch over.

Is photoshop bloated? Maybe, though that’s probably a matter of perspective. It doesn’t make it any less of a powerful tool, and while you may not use all of the features it has, it doesn’t knock the powerful ones you do use. Not quite ready to jump on that sketch bandwagon just yet. Though I do recognize some pretty cool things about that product, just not enough for me to exclusively use it. But as I said, it’s all a matter of context. No right or wrong way.

Halloween Night Collages


Halloween Night Collages by Patrick Seymour

For me growing up back when I was but a wee clone, Halloween night was about exploring my curiosity about makeup and watching marathons of the Friday the 13th movies. Jason’s a merman, right? That’s my best rationale for the series. Patrick’s Halloween Night uses memorable characters from classic horror movies to make… memorable characters from classic horror movies. Is Christian Bale eating Jared Leto?

Artist: Behance / Society6Twitter

Okay, can anyone point me to the official name of this collage style? Seriously. Drop a comment. I was trying to explain to a friend a while back this method of compositing when they were trying to design something. I love this.

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