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Love the name. Love the typography. I love beer. That last statement isn’t specific to the project but f*** it, it’s true.

Scott Fuller 

Design and art direction by Scott Fuller  |  Photography by Rich Williams

Dru Bru, an independent Seattle based brewery tasked me with developing the brand identity as well as designing their first product offering, a Mini Growler which is refillable. On the back of the Mini Growler there is an area to write the brew flavor and alcohol content which can be different each visit. It is a responsible way of distributing their product and at the same time creates a small community of like minded individuals. 

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Andrew Kim on Paper

Designer Andrew Kim shares some of his sketch work done on Paper. In his words Paper “is ideal for a quick sketch”. Often times, it does not take much to convey an idea.

Andrew is in his last year at the Art Center College of Design. His blog/portfolio site is a great reference for any young designer starting out today and brilliantly takes advantage of the web as medium. It shows his process, how initial ideas become more refined, what he is learning and the final result. His post on how he thought himself the computer aided design program SolidWorks combines cultural insight on Japanese car design, with his learnings. The outcome is a beautiful tutorial others can follow. Keep an eye on this talent, he’s going places!

Edge Board

I love it when the idea of a product is on the same level as the quality of the design. That doesn’t happen all the time as you know.

New Identity, packaging and print for the handmade chopping board that possess a special feature; an edge which you use to gather and slide chopped food off. The edge prevents the inevitable spill associated with traditional flat boards and so became the key focus of the brand, through naming and application.

The brandmark is based on this feature, and is only fully revealed when placed around a corner. In this way we were able to create a brand that truly reflects the product, and its point of difference in the market, and hopefully engineer a sense of discovery; that ‘aha!’ monument that makes an identity stand out.
The natural anti-bacterial, sustainable wood sourced form the Byron Shire is also used throughout packaging and stationary further adding to the tactile impact of the product.

Typography: Bauer Type Foundry’s Futura & URW++ Type Foundry’s URW Grotes

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I'm a designer/art director/geek that likes to make things on (and off) the internet. I'm black, live in the DFW metroplex, work at an ad agency, and drink alone in the dark on week nights. While being black, I write this blog as a creative outlet.

My work has been featured multiple times by Tumblr, published in NET Magazine, Communication Arts, Adweek, The Webbys, HOW Design, W3 Awards, Web Designer Magazine, Under Consideration, Awwwards, Web Design Ledger, Web Designer Depot, Designworklife, Speckyboy, my mom's Facebook Timeline, and a variety of other publications.

I am currently unmarried, live alone, have no pets, and believe in the Oxford comma. I like eating tacos as well. Pants optional.