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This "Projeqt" is a very interesting addition to the “portfolio site” mix. I signed up for the beta, and if this is as good as I think it is, I might roll this into a future website redesign. But for now, I gotta get something up to replace this.


projeqt \ how great stories are told

TBWA, mega agency with 12,000 employees in 77 countries, jumps into the mass-market, online product game with the launch of their creative work sharing platform projeqt.  To help announce projeqt the agency relaunched TBWA.com using the platform.

Only time will tell if the platform really takes off, but for now my money is on the smaller and agile teams behind Cargo, Carbonmade, Behance and even Tumblr. 

My flirts with CSS3

Check out these awesome CSS3 experiments in web design by Simurai. Best use of the twitter api ever! Read the whole article to get insight into his work. Also, be sure to check out all of his experiments here. This almost goes without saying, but you’ll need the chrome or safari browsers to properly view this stuff.


At my day job I mostly work with Flash, AfterEffects, Photoshop. About a year ago I wanted to try something new and created Shitty Day using HTML, jQuery and CSS. And a couple months later, after I discovered that CSS3 can do animations, I did a photo-only tumblr theme called Organ. Nobody really cared until Cameron Moll (thanks) posted it on his blog and I got asked to create an official theme. It got featured in the theme garden and I was like.. wow.. it seems people really like this CSS3 stuff. So I kept on experimenting and created some more CSS3 demos.

I’m really happy that most people enjoy them. But there are also some concerns. If you look at all the demos, you’ll see that most of them only work correctly in -webkit and some just in Safari. And they also lack a graceful degradation. There are people like Paul or Divya that have been pushing me to make them more cross-browser. Thanks and sorry, for letting you down so often. I can understand that some say: If it’s not cross-browser it doesn’t “count”. And Web Designers have a responsibility and so on..

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I'm a designer/art director/geek that likes to make things on (and off) the internet. I'm black, live in the DFW metroplex, work at an ad agency, and drink alone in the dark on week nights. While being black, I write this blog as a creative outlet.

My work has been featured multiple times by Tumblr, published in NET Magazine, Communication Arts, Adweek, The Webbys, HOW Design, W3 Awards, Web Designer Magazine, Under Consideration, Awwwards, Web Design Ledger, Web Designer Depot, Designworklife, Speckyboy, my mom's Facebook Timeline, and a variety of other publications.

I am currently unmarried, live alone, have no pets, and believe in the Oxford comma. I like eating tacos as well. Pants optional.