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A jQuery plugin for effortlessly creating single page web sites. Demo


  • Simple - include pagify.js, create a div, make one jQuery call and you’re done!
  • Lightweight - pagify.js is far less than 100 lines of code, well commented and easy to understand and extend!
  • Flexible - Get started by only specifying a list of pages or customize animations, default pages and caching!
  • Fast - Load all pages upfront or load on the fly; a simple $.get() is used to get content with minimal proccessing!
  • Clean - Replace long HTML files broken up into sections and verbose JS to do the simple task of switching content!
  • Couldn’t find an adjective… - Uses only Javascript and HTML so it can be uploaded like any other static site!

This is incredibly useful, though I do wonder how it will interact embedded dynamic content like sliders or modal light boxes. I’ve had issues in the past with similar stuff like this. Guess I won’t know until I try. 

36 CSS Frameworks for Designers


If you’re starting out in CSS, frameworks are a great way learning the efficient/proper ways to mark up specific layouts, typography, and styles. Yes, cascading style sheets are incredibly easy to learn; but there are so many inside trick and techniques you will learn over the years that eventually help avoid those long nights of headbanging, refresh clicking, red bull dosing. So when you start out, it’s pretty tough. You need all the headstart you can get.

How I usually use this stuff is by piecemealing, taking snippets here and there as I need them. I generally don’t build sites entirely off a framework just because there it’s honestly quicker just to come up with the solution myself.

What are your thoughts?

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