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Science Experiment of the Day: An intrepid man journeys through the installation processes of every version of Microsoft Windows from 1.0 through 7 to test the effects of upgrading from one version of Windows to the next, in chronological order, on the same machine.


I actually sat down and watched all 10 minutes of this. It was actually pretty interesting. The guy was able to play DOOM on all versions except 2000 (but everyone likes to pretend 2000 didn’t exist)

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I'm a designer/art director/geek that likes to make things on (and off) the internet. I'm black, live in the DFW metroplex, work at an ad agency, and drink alone in the dark on week nights. While being black, I write this blog as a creative outlet.

My work has been featured multiple times by Tumblr, published in NET Magazine, Communication Arts, Adweek, The Webbys, HOW Design, W3 Awards, Web Designer Magazine, Under Consideration, Awwwards, Web Design Ledger, Web Designer Depot, Designworklife, Speckyboy, my mom's Facebook Timeline, and a variety of other publications.

I am currently unmarried, live alone, have no pets, and believe in the Oxford comma. I like eating tacos as well. Pants optional.