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Version 5 of my tumblr theme/design is now live!!!



Version 5 of my tumblr redesign is here guys! It’s literally been a year in the making (off and on of course, got a little sidetracked). I’ve put a lot of thought into not only the aesthetics & visual design, but also the overall user experience as well. I’ll try keep it short, but here are the bulleted change notes:

  • Sticky navigation
  • added ”about me”,”social” (stalk), and tags modals
  • designed the header to change/shorten on post, tag & index pages that aren’t the home page, so content is higher up
  • BIG ONE- make extensive use of Facebook open graph and twitter meta data to make sure when you share a link, content is being share properly across the board. This means crafted/customized meta data for each individual post type. So if you share a video or link post type, your followers on Facebook and Twitter will see thumbnails of the content now. I’ll make a resource later to share this snippet of markup for all of you to include in your tumblr themes guys.
  • Included customized “jump to page” interface at the bottom of pages. Just enter the page number you wanna jump back to, and voila, you’re there
  • utilizing a customized google search engine for more accurate site results for my specific tumblr
  • better optimized & kerned typography (Normalize-Opentype.css
  • better access to sharing/liking/reblogging. No more hidden menus for that
  • Utilizing full width, responsive photosets with stylehatch’s photogrid plugin. (there was also some learning there too, because it didn’t work straight out of the box. still working through some little bugs here & there as well)
  • Oh yea, and it’s still highly responsive. Even went through the trouble of making sure any audio embeds (spotify,soundcloud) and vine/instagram posts display properly. Instagram video embeds are a tricky bastard.

Now I know the question some of you who’ve been following my progress have next: When will I be making a modified version of this theme available? Answer: I honestly have no damn idea. It took a lot just to get this done. And there’s a lot of custom stuff I would have to generalize or redesign for a more broad audience. Let me get back to you on that. It’s gonna be a minute.

I’m not quite done yet. I soft launched the new theme like last wednesday night, and have been squashing bugs since then as they come to my attention. I’ll likely be adding features or modifying UI as I discover improvements that could be had as well.

Anyway, guess this post was longer than I expected.Thanks for taking the time to give a glance. And thanks to all my followers for, well, following me. And hey, you guys dig it, show some love. Got a question? Ask.


Adobe’s New Pen And Ruler Tease The Future Of Digital Creativity

Its not just a neat stylus and ruler. If Adobes new tools are a hit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects change forever.

I draw a perfectly straight line on my iPad. Then I bisect it at a true 90 degrees. I draw triangles and circles and squares until the screen is cacophony of pristine shapes.


I’m using Adobe’s new hardware—a stylus called Ink and a ruler called Slide, which are available as a pair for $200 today. Born from an unfunded, skunkworks project within Adobe’s walls, the company teamed with Ammunition—the same design firm behind Beats—to craft this aluminum hardware that teases the future of the company and how all of us will create digital media tomorrow.


“Our interaction methods are pretty long in the tooth. The mouse and keyboard are growing ancient. A lot of things we did were innovations 20 years ago. Now they’re habituations,” admits Michael Gough, vice president of Experience Design, Adobe. “We’re used to using that control key. Was that the best way we could expose that experience? Probably not.”

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