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A DeLorean as an Iconic New York City Yellow Taxi Cab



Back to the Future is one of the greatest iconic films of the 80’s. Aside from the two brilliant actors, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the DeLorean took center stage as the duo time traveled through different periods in the history of Hill Valley, California.

One could only imagine the delight of fans who would get picked up in this taxi by fashion brand Nooka. Designer Mike Lubrano says he created the conceptual taxi because thy have “come to symbolize the future” and communicate the brand’s “futuristic philosophy.”

A DeLorean as an Iconic New York City Yellow Taxi Cab by http://mikelubrano.com/

100 Years of Oreo’s.

Founded on March 6, 1912, the Oreo complete 100 years now. The Kraft launched a campaign to commemorate the date, and show how the cookie / cracker rescues the child within each one.

Created by Draftfcb New York, the initiative will include TV films - the first premiered today - plus a series of print ads that portray events that took place in the last century. (via Brainstorm)

This is an amazing concept. Simple writing. Clean, vibrant design & art-direction. It really does evoke an emotional response out of me.

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