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I know this is all you were thinking about. Well worry no longer. We have another episode for you. In all of its awkward, raunchy glory. Enjoy.

EP 6 | That’s What You Were Talking About.

Back again from hiatus and we have a few things to get off our chest. We saw Batman, and had quite a bit to say about it. Also a number of topics including but not limited to:

  • Surprise sex? That’s a thing. (0:02:48)
  • Jess and Andrew feel betrayed by Alex’s viewing of TDKR ahead of time. Awkward argument ensues. ( 0:04:50)
  • Latest life updates on Jess and Andrew. ( 0:07:50)
  • “That Guy” and Andrew’s history of emotionally disturbed women. ( 0:20:30)
  • “Sorry Mom.” ( 0:23:08)
  • One of Alex’s biggest Facebook pet peeves is revealed. You’ve been put on notice.  ( 0:26:20)
  • Alex discusses his perspective on romantic social skills with women (or lack there of). ( 0:27:40)
  • “That’s what you were talking about!” He gets it folks. ( 0:28:35)
  • Spenser’s making moves in Japan. Sexy moves, that is… (0:32:00)
  • Oh yea, Alex got into a car accident. Some dum-dum ran a red-light, no big deal. (0:36:34)
  • Video game talk; Assassin’s Creed, Steam Sale, DC Universe Online. Oh, and Super Mario RPG, an insanely difficult Japanese SNES game released in the 90’s. We debate if this was really meant for children. (0:40:37)
  • Batman! (0:53:19)
  • We discuss another one of Andrew’s ex-girlfriends that no one liked and ruined movies for EVERYONE. Really man? Really? (1:35:18)

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Ghost T*ts

Now this is a supernatural thriller I would enjoy. I am instantly subscribing to these guys on youtube. This is amazing. Oh, and they even have a movie trailer site:


Amazing. My belly hurts from all the lulz.


Totally Fake Movie Trailer of the Day: What if your girlfriend’s ample chest just up and disappeared? Ghost T*ts, starring Olivia Munn and Mr. Feeny, will be in theaters never ever.

(Not Safe For Work — gratuitous use of the word “t*ts.”)


"Go On" Pilot now live on Hulu.

Another dramedy vehicle driven by Matthew Perry. I’m not gonna lie, this show hits all the right notes. Just the right mix of sincerity, comedy, hilarity, sadness in a nice half-hour package. It also has a nice chemistry within this ensemble cast.

With 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and Community ending soon, this is a strong contender for my new favorite half-hour show.

Hulu has a serious problem with video embeds in the sense that you can embed one with a forced auto play option. this is incredibly annoying for blogs. Hence the crappier (but more UX considerate) nbc player.

Oh boy, just released another episode of my Podcast, “Midnite Mischief”. It’s pretty jampacked. You should check it out. Or don’t. Go make a sandwich and watch a rerun of Law & Order: Criminal Intent while mulling over your life choices.

Oh wait, that’s me.

We’re here once again and we’ve got a few surprises for you: Andrew’s back and boy does he have a story to tell you! Also our friend from the midwest, Jess, has graced us with his presence in Texas. For good. We talk a variety of things, jobs, the cops, strippers stealing hard earned Andrew Jacksons, The Amazing Spider-Man movie. You know, the usual stuff. Also a number of topics including but not limited to:

  • Kansas is full of sevens. According to Jess. Let’s clarify that. But is that why he’s back? (2:30)
  • Andrew’s back and he fills in the group on what he’s been up to since the fellow has MIA. (3:34)
  • Jess Let’s us in on his somewhat equally frustrating story on why he’s back in Texas. (15:50)
  • Story of the best/worst night out ever, depending on who you ask. (26:36)
  • Hipster cat birthday party in Dallas, warm Everclear and Sprite; hilarity does not ensue. (28:50)
  • Club Plush, the next part of the evening, unlike the the title, there is nothing comfortable about it.  (36:50)
  • Worst strip club adventure EVER. Well, except for Andrew, he had a great time. (41:50)
  • Tech talk. (47:50)
  • Andrew’s got a secret girl (or two?). Let’s discuss. (1:09:01)
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Lines are drawn, friendships tested. How many cgi dead vampire babies do you think this deserves? (1:29:10)
  • Let’s get down to business; we talk The Amazing Spider-Man! (1:33:50)

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