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Play DC Universe Online

Like now. Here are some screen caps of my hero in the game. I’ve been obsessing over my character since I started. By the way I was able to snag the name “Niteowl”. He’s kinda got the appearance of a batman like character but with the powers of Superman. And black. Don’t forget he’s black.

But anyway, the worlds in this game are so detailed it’s sick. And I can fly with this character which is pretty sweet. They even put detail in the sky, cause if you fly high enough you’re surrounded by clouds and atmosphere effects.

And if you’re curious,I’m playing on a PVP server “World 9: Death and Glory”. So if you run into me say what’s up!

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Who the hell is this guy?

Who the hell is this guy?

Oh wow, someone's actually reading this? OK, this is happening. My name is Alex and I'm a designer with slight anti-social tendencies. I'm black, live in the DFW metroplex, work at an ad agency, and drink alone in the dark on week nights. While being black, I write this blog as a creative outlet when not starting flame wars over the best episode of Battlestar Galactica (Gaeta's Uprising or The Final Five Revelation of course). I share interactive & design inspiration, the latest in pop culture, movies, and general nerdery.

I am currently unmarried and live alone. I make egg sandwiches and have no pets. I like eating tacos with no pants as well.

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